As the MLB regular season heads for the home stretch, and NFL season is right around the corner, I had a chance to sit down with one of the most famous and successful sports bettors, Jon Price from Sports Information Traders. For a man that’s accomplished the things that Jon has accomplished in the sports betting world, every piece of his advice is valuable.

Clive: Thanks for sitting down with us, Jon, I’ve been following your picks for roughly 2 years now and I know you’ve said you average around 64% winners, however I’ve got you closer to 67% since I’ve been tracking your picks. I’m not sure you know what it means to be a handicapper, Jon, you’re supposed to oversell yourself, no room for modesty here. In all seriousness though, how do you hit at that kind of a pace?

Jon: [Laughing] We’re actually 64% overall for the last 6 years, and we had a inconsistent baseball season back in 2013 that hurt our average. Anyone can go 60% or 70% for a short amount of time, and some of the good ones even can do it for a year or two. But I agree, what our team has been able to accomplish has been remarkable and it starts with the team around me. We have very dedicated staff who are as passionate about winning and making money off sports as I am. When it’s your passion, like it is for myself, it’s no longer work, it’s a game but the stakes are very, very high.

Clive: Speaking to the point of the team around you, I know you work with Curt Presley and Dave Michaels… Tell me more about the supporting players.

Jon: Curt, of course, is one of the best in basketball, both pro and college. We saw a significant spike across the board in our hoops department when Curt took the lead in 2009 and he’s just another one of my guys that, like I said, he’s just as passionate and dedicated to making money off sports like me. ‘Love his drive. Same for Dave Michaels. We brought Dave in to run our MLB department in 2013 after that rough regular season, and since Dave has taken over our baseball has hit at 65%, slightly above our overall average, so I owe a lot to my team and the people around me. And it doesn’t stop at our department leaders, the whole staff is really just a great team and they love what they do, and that’s winning sports.

Clive: Hearing you speak about your passion for sports betting, it’s tangible. I can tell you live it. Can you tell me what’s that like, being a high profile sports handicapper everyday? I imagine it has to be a grind?

Jon: Oh, it’s not a grind at all. It’s the reason I get out of bed. Now is it a lot of time and dedication? Yes, it’s a full-time commitment. But when you love your job as much as I do, and have the team and the resources to consistently make money by having fun investing in sports… I mean, what other dream job is there for a guy that loves sports? I get my daily gameday report from our team each morning, and just start getting to work and tapping our resources and see how much money we can make for people each day. The numbers that we crunch and the datasets that we analyze will never get old. Its always a game of the books versus us. They don’t want us to win and we continually evolve so that we can win.

Clive: Last question, Jon, do you have any advice for the sports bettors out there?

Jon: Yeah, play our picks! At least if you want to win [Laughing]. Actually with NFL approaching, my favorite approach to betting NFL, personally. Is it play the single biggest game of the week, and only that game. Sports betting is all about the odds, and obviously the more games you pick, the more you’re stacking the odds against yourself. I understand why people do it, it’s fun, it’s entertaining… But it’s not how you make money in this business. As I’ve shown from Yahoo! Finance to Ante Up poker fans it’s a challenge and it is hard work but you can make money when you have the right psychological discipline.

For a man that’s won in the multimillion dollar range during his sports betting career, his advice is priceless for avid sports gamblers. And as the 2015 NFL season approaches and Jon’s team gets primed to take on Vegas, I, for one, will be taking note on how they do, and hopefully making money from it.