We talk a lot about the Red Sox here, but for a moment, we’re gonna switch gears and talk about something else we’re passionate about: cycling. Whether you’re a professional athlete, an adventure junkie, or just a regular Joe who enjoys bike rides in the park, you can’t deny that cycling is an effective and fun way to exercise and burn excess fat. Like most work outs, it’s recommended to wear the appropriate clothing to help you move faster and more efficiently. Aside from making your work out count, it also helps avoid injuries caused by immobility and avoid making dress clothes unusable. So, to help you out, here are five essential items that are recommended for people who bike regularly, whether it be for a competition or as a mode of transportation.

1. Cycling shoes
Majority of sports-related shoes won’t have a specific category for cycling shoes, so keep in mind that you should choose trainers that have cleats with them. Although regular shoes will keep your feet covered from potential dangers, cycling shoes help you pedal faster. This is because they cling to the pedals better than regular shoes do, which make cycling almost as natural as breathing.

2. Cycling jersey and shorts
Cycling jerseys are stitched in a way that allows maximum movement for the rider. Both items are made of breathable material which allows your body to be more properly ventilated. The material also doesn’t feel heavy after hours of cycling as it doesn’t absorb the sweat you’re releasing. This makes you more efficient and fast.

3. Protective gear
Helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads fall under the general classification of protective gear. Elbow pads and knee pads are usually foregone, so one cyclist should at least have a helmet. Most protective gear complies to the safety standards and regulations. Cheaper protective gear aren’t necessarily sub-standard—they may just be less ergonomic than their pricier counterparts.

4. Socks
This may sound a bit obvious, but it’s important to keep a good number of sock pairs if you plan to cycle daily. Socks not only help your feet keep warm in chilly weather, they are also helpful in keeping your shoes clean. People who wear socks with their shoes tend to have shoes with a longer lifespan than their sockless peers. They also help in keeping feet as non-smelly as possible.

5. Sunglasses
Even if the temperature is freezing, there’s a possibility that the sun will still be shining. Cyclists will sometimes go in directions facing the sun, so sunglasses are important to minimize the glare that can cause one to be disoriented, thus making your trip a safer one. The sunglasses you choose must wrap the sides of your eyes and should be large enough to cover the brow bone and bottom eye area. The lenses must also reflect UVA and UVB rays. This is to avoid skin damage that may be caused by the sun’s harsh rays.

6. Sports bra (for women)
It’s important that in every activity that requires physical exercise, a sports bra is used. Regular bras do not offer the same support as sports bras do, as they only support the breast at the bottom. Sports bras help support your breasts to avoid pain caused by extreme movement.

The above-mentioned list of cycling apparel is the necessity. If you think you need more than what is mentioned, then you can add them to the list, too. The most important thing is that you keep your trip safe and efficient.