With the MLB underway and it being in action for more than week and Boston Red Sox not having the best start to the season, especially their performance in 2018, winning the NLB. Given the difficult and seeming the team are exhausted from playing on the opposite side of the globe. To see more on this particular season and to see odds on sports betting, Leo Vegas sports betting is recommended for the best information out there.

Chris Sale
The season really depends on Chris Sale; whether he can stay healthy throughout the season, starting with his shoulder issue in 2018, and with fatigue issues – which we know led to him being put in hospital, for a supposedly belly button inflammation. So, not a tonne of confidence when it comes to transparency with the team. On the play-offs he couldn’t find his fast ball, which we saw it dropping each game. Chris sales getting on a hot streak could be the chance to reverse the slow start.

Pick Craig Kimbrel From The Free Agent Market
Despite Kimbrel’s knee injury, he is out of the picture when it comes to a rather significant gap and some rather unusual, rather serious postseason meltdowns. The market for Kimbrel is very tight but the market is still available for him – with no clear acceptance of his demands. What we need is for him to return with more fight and determination to win the season like in 2018.

With rotations needing some noticeable depth and if history replays itself we will certainly need that confidence to bring home the win. As we discussed above it is all determined of Chris Sale’s shoulder. Then we have Rodriguez who has managed all kinds of strange injuries throughout last season with a quirky play at first base. What we need is E-Rod getting 30 starts, but we’re unsure he will execute that kind of performance.

Extension of Dave Dombrowski
Having the chance to employ Dombrowski may be one of the best and biggest decisions for the Red Sox ownership in a long-time. As he has been the baseball game for decades and had proud success where ever his feet land – having been brought into Red Sox in 2015, getting him set up for the future, will give him more freedom to make choices that can help turn the season around.

Third Base
The main goal for this season is seeing Rafael Devers improve and so does offense. Devers analytics for last season were incredibly thin with only showing he hit only .240 but the upside was that he hit 21 home runs which made a redeeming effect on the fans that watched. At only 22 years only he has a long career and is able to hopefully improve his heavy hitting left arm – he has potential to somewhat of an icon in the coming future, but it may be more fruitful in the short term to upgrade the third base position.

It is said that a personal trainer is on board for Devers, him being a hard worker and showing passion for the sport shouldn’t be hard for him to achieve a big improvement level. A good move for the offseason which show more dedicated approach to training.