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Well, that’ll teach you, Brandon Workman. Wanna let that wet, rain-soaked ball slip out of your hands and fly well behind a player’s helmented dome without any sort of contact, it’s gonna cost you. In fact, Major League Baseball has added injury to the insult of your ejection from last Friday’s game by suspending you for six additional games.

What you need to do is act more like David Price. I mean, in a game in which everyone expected some sort of carryover from your Memorial Day weekend dust-up in Tampa Bay, he came right out and plunked our best hitter. Just like that. And then, after both benches received a warning from the umpires, he done went and hit Mike Carp on the hand — and still didn’t get ejected.

You may also take a cue or two from that Tampa Bay pitcher who kinda looks like Li’l Wayne. Because later in the game, he plunked Jonny Gomes without any sort of repercussion.

The difference, you see, is that the umps didn’t see any “intent” when the Rays pitchers hit your teammates. Even though all three of our guys were nailed pretty squarely, the umps just figured, “Well, f#$k. They didn’t mean it.”

But you. You had to go rogue. Pitching in a sudden downpour and letting that slick baseball slip from your fingers and fly at least a good couple feet behind Evan Longoria with absolutely no chance of contact whatsoever.

That’s just careless, ruthless baseball right there. And there’s no place for that in this civilized world.

Now you enjoy that suspension and think long and hard about the player you didn’t hit. And try to learn a thing or two from David Price.