Without question, one of the most iconic images of the 2013 postseason, right after Torii Hunter going tits-up into the Red Sox bullpen, was the sight of Mike Napoli and David Ross engaging in the world’s hairiest embrace after Shane Victorino hit his grand slam in game six of the ALCS.

In the 2013 World Series film, which is available via DVD or download from MLB’s iTunes page (for just $12.99 through December 10!), we get to hear a little bit more detail behind this magic moment. And it is simply awesome (although the thought of Mike Napoli giving David Ross a hickey may not make digesting your Thanksgiving dinner any easier):

That’s just one example of all the goodness packed into this film, which also offers a mic’d up Ortiz giving his now-famous rallying call during game 4 of the World Series and lots of cool clubhouse footage (including a somewhat bizarre segment with Daniel Nava trying a massage chair while Jake Peavy searches fruitlessly for a wi-fi connection). For the five or six of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer for the video:

Simply put, if you’re a Red Sox fan or find yourself surgically attached to a Red Sox fan (which happens a lot in Guatemala), you have to own this film.

And with that, we’ll leave you to your turkey and stuffing. Thanks to the 2013 Red Sox, and thanks to the folks who continue to make Surviving Grady part of their day. Your patronage is always, always appreciated.

Here’s to you and yours. And even better things in 2014.