In all honesty, I planned a richly-detailed analysis of the upcoming Sox-Orioles series and what it means to both teams. But then I found myself distracted by that goddam photo of Heidi Watney that I posted a couple days ago and before you know it, I was lost in fantasyland.

So in the interest of sparking some positive vibes, I figured I’d post a few more photos of the much-loved and long-gone former ladies of NESN. The ones who balanced out the Don Orsillo eye candy factor by giving us guys something to look at.

Hazel Mae
‘Nuf said.


Krisily Kennedy
Krisily was only at NESN for what seemed a blip on the radar in 2004 (as immortalized in the shitty screencap I am presenting below). But then she showed up on TV’s The Bachelor and some other shows. We caught up with her for Surviving Grady podcast, and we will forever love her for that. Also, for not telling the authorities about that time she found us in her pantry.





Now if that doesn’t inspire the boys to a win, nothing will. ATTACK!