While the Angels were drop-shipping a cargo plane’s worth of cash on Josh Hamilton, the Sox were busy relieving Texas of another player: pitcher Ryan Dempster. Not to be confused with Rick Dempsey, whose re-enactment of Fisk’s ’75 series homer around a rain-slicked tarp was a mainstay of every TV 38 Red Sox rain delay in the 80s.

Dempster gets two years at $26.5 million and, honestly, he’d have to win big at the horses to get any luckier. On the plus side, before a couple of stints on the DL this year, he logged at least 200 innings for four straight seasons. Which is the kind of thing we need from our starters.

Even better, the guy does an amazing Harry Caray impression (with a slight nod to Will Ferrell). If I was his agent, I would have just blasted this clip on widescreen and sat back and watched the offers flood in.

NESN, take note: Here’s your 2013 ratings spike.