Up yours Boston!

After everything we’ve been through this season, much of it at the hands of Bobby V, last night was the final kick to the nuts. With just one thing left that could salvage a tiny bit of positivity out of the season – play the spoiler and make the Yankees the wild card team – Valentine tanked it. He put the worst October line-up in the history of baseball on the field and watched “his” team get their asses kicked by their biggest rival.

Tonight, perhaps as a show of…something…Jacoby “mystery injury” Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia (broken finger) both returned to the line-up. And Bobby somehow found a way to turn the focus on himself:

“Was I surprised when I got the text that said he said he’s fine? I fell off my bike. Literally. And I don’t know why I was surprised.”

Wait, what, Bobby is a cyclist? Who knew? Friggin’ tool.

And Pedroia on playing injured:

“We’ve got a lot of young guys on our team,” Pedroia said. “Sometimes you get nicked up, stuff like that is part of the job, you get beat up sliding into bases, get your finger stepped on, whatever. They know that I’m going to be out there and they should be out there, too, if it happens to them. It’s a team.”

That’s still the guy I want leading my team. Getting back to the lame-duck manager, I would have fired him last night and pulled a random guy out of the crowd at Yankee Stadium to manage tonight’s game.

The Orioles have already won 1-0 against the Rays and the Sox are clinging to a 2-1 lead going into the ninth. Could it really come down to the final night again?