Put me on the list of those not happy about the John Farrell hire. I stand by everything I said a few weeks ago when it became obvious the Sox had a hard-on for him.

After doing a little more research, I actually feel worse about the decision.

Check out the ERA of the Sox and Jays with Farrell at the post of pitching coach and head coach respectively:

2007 Red Sox: 3.87

2008 Red Sox: 4.01

2009 Red Sox: 4.35

2010 Red Sox: 4.20

2011 Blue Jays: 4.32 (4.22 the previous season)

2012 Blue Jays: 4.64

Obviously the pitching staff has a pretty big part in this, but I didn’t bother to research that deep since the numbers fit my argument. I think they are bringing back one of the “good old boys” to try to recover some fan support after the Valentine debacle. I’m a bit less excited for the spring than I was before this hiring was announced.