So during last night’s 45th straight loss (at least it felt like it), NESN’s cameras caught Alfredo Aceves and The Elf engaged in a dugout shouting match after a botched play in the field. Rather than assume this to be another example of infighting on an increasingly unlikable team, I prefer to think that this might just be a case of two passionate dudes standing up for their non-baseball-related beliefs. For example:

Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five!

Kid ‘n’ Play!

Amy Pond!

Rose Tyler!

Highway 61 Revisited!




Commander Picard!

Captain Kirk!

I’m taking six vicodin and two bottles of gin a day to wash every trace of this season from my mind!

Ha! I’ve already mentally teleported myself to the 2013 season. And all I can say is I hope you like Milwaukee, motherf$%ker!