Remember when I could pitch?

Man, when the 2012 Red Sox do something, they don’t do it half-way. Laying down for the Orioles is one thing, but getting one-hit is taking it to the extreme, eh? The hit was a bunt single by Podsednik who later scored the Red Sox only run (unearned) on a Pedie sac fly.

Cook served up six earned on six hits in his inning-plus. He handed the ball to the once-decent Aceves who…well, sucked again. With the offense just swatting flies, this one was over early. Unfortunately, those cock-knockers up north didn’t do their part. They rolled over for the Yankees, allowing them to cling to their division lead.

Five more games and this wretched season is over. By this time next week Bobby V’s days in Boston should be over too. 2013 can’t get here fast enough. A new team, a new manager, no more contrived 100-year anniversary events…baseball, just baseball.