Today’s pre-game show: Not difficult on the eyes.

I’m never one to hate on the team. Sure, I’ll mock, lambaste, ridicule… but at the end of the day, I truly want them to do well. And I’ve lived through enough dismal seasons to know that you always come back the next day, hoping something better comes along.

That said, last night’s game was perhaps the biggest embarrassment in a season already looking like the kind of thing you tuck in your back pocket and forget about. An MLB-sanctioned kick to the nuts. A truly pathetic take-down by one of the worst teams in the game.

Does a win today wash that away? Does it really change a microbe of a percent of this team’s chances? Probably not, although it sure as hell beats getting swept by the Twinkies.

Still, unlike Denton, I’d actually like to see what Grandmaster Bobby V can do with a coaching staff of his choosing and a team of players eager to do right by their manager.