The Red Sox went out this afternoon and showed us what it could have been like this season if they had gotten their collective heads out of their asses. Fourteen runs on sixteen hits from the offense, one run on just three hits while striking out twelve from Jonny K. This is not the beginning of a run. This is not the Red Sox preparing to claw their way into the playoffs. This is simply too little, too late. A rare glimpse at a bunch of guys coming together to play as a team. On Tuesday, Josh Beckett starts against the Orioles and this will all be forgotten.

Even in the win, Valentine managed to screw up. Unless you want to believe this was strategy:

Boston reliever Clayton Mortenson struck out in the ninth. He batted after Valentine rested players with the big lead and lost use of the designated hitter in a series of lineup changes.

Sorry folks, one big win doesn’t wash the bad taste out of my mouth.