How’s it hangin’ Bobby?

Last night was just another feather in the dunce cap for the 2012 Red Sox. As Red stated, winning that game as a tribute to Johnny Pesky was an absolute requirement for anybody with any sense of what’s right. But this team continues to prove that they do not care about winning, their team, their fans, and not even about a guy who dedicated sixty years of his life to the franchise.

The offense scratched out a single run, and Beckett got shelled once again:

Beckett (5-10) surrendered six runs and six hits, including two home runs, in 5 1/3 innings.

“You have to keep the ball down,” he said. “This isn’t a real friendly ballpark [for pitchers].”

Yep, it’s the ballpark’s fault. Put this bum on the 60-day DL and petition the Player’s Association to have him and Lackey restricted from the clubhouse and dugout. Otherwise, put a friggin’ big top over Fenway and call it what it is: a circus. Yesterday’s report of the mutinous meeting and the picture of Bobby V sleeping on the trainer’s table…I have no words.

If there are still any hanger-oners who think this deserves our fandom, seek help immediately.