So the million dollar question: Will the Red Sox, behind Clay Buchholz, their best pitcher of late, snap this three game skid? Or will they continue to flail against fellow teams below .500?

I’m gonna put all the chips on the table and say that if we win this game tonight — we’re facing Chris Seddon, for chrissakes — then we’ve got a shot at the wildcard. If we lose, then it’s just all down hill from here. I’m talking roll up the tents and let the animals run wild in the streets, play Lavarnway every day and re-hire Doug Mirabelli as the team’s official “Good Times Ambassador.”

Scott Podsednik is back with the Sox and back in the line-up tonight. For those who might care, Steve “Psycho” Lyons still holds the record for most times let go and then re-acquired by the Red Sox, which I believe is roughly 57 times.