“Dude, you guys suck!”: Jered Weaver sends his love.

For a while there, I was in with both feet. After The Trade, I started thinking about a “reverse 2011” in which the team tears it up in September and swings into the playoffs. Think about it. Jettisoning Gonzo and Beckett and Crawford and somehow getting better? Making it to the promised land on the wings of guys named Ciriaco, Loney and Lavarnway? It was no more ridiculous than the thought of Mark Bellhorn changing the tide of the 2004 World Series with a home run off Pesky’s Pole, so it had to be true.

Then last night’s game happened. And what looked to be a sweet win against a tough pitcher turned into another late-game meltdown in a season of late-game meltdowns. Bobby V turned to Alfredo “Frequent Flyer” Aceves for six outs, and… well, even if you didn’t stay up, you probably know how this ends.

So here’s what we know: The Sox are 2-2 since the grand purging. We have 15 games in September against the Os, New York and Rays. And Zach Stewart is on the hill for us tonight. It ain’t over. But it feels more over for me than it did 12 hours ago.

Oh, and there was once a “Fast Times” TV show as well. In case you missed the ’80s, here they are in 30 seconds.: