Last week, Denton gave me a copy of the Oil Can Boyd autobiography. It remained in my car until this morning, when I finally brought it inside. During a lull in the day, I started thumbing through some of the pages. About an hour later, I was fully engrossed, mostly for the insight the Can Man was giving on some of his teammates from the late ’80s Red Sox, including Rice (he liked him), Clemens (he loved him) and Boggs (he hated him).

My favorite revelation was that spare-part pitcher Jeff Sellers was straight outta Compton! As The Can explains: “Sellers always hung with the black guys–he was a cool kid from Compton, California, who grew up with black kids.” There’s also mention of Sellers and Ellis Burks rocking out to Keith Sweat on the team bus. Which is probably the greatest thing I’ve ever heard. Ever.

Anyway, a five game win streak would be something kind of awesome. I’m just hoping I have the book finished by game time.