No doubt plotting the first few chapters…

See that post title? That will also be the title of Bobby V’s inevitable tell-all book after he is officially branded the fall guy for this year’s wretched performance and gets the axe. You’re welcome, Bobby.

Does The Bobber deserve all the criticism being heaped upon him? Probably not. By all accounts, ownership has neutered him, putting him in charge of a group that General George Patton likely couldn’t inspire and making him something of a placeholder until someone else is installed.

But as far as the team goes, after last night’s loss to the hapless Twins, I’ve finally allowed myself to be convinced that what we’ve seen is what we’re gonna get. This is a .500 team, set to flail about and complain to ownership and give us the occasional games in which we stand up and cheer until October’s curtain.

Bobby’s book, however? I can’t wait for that. And I’m serious about the title. Bobby, it’s yours. For a nominal fee that may or may not include Jenny Dell.