But is it good enough? We like to think that if the Sox just win each series, everything will be fine. But will it? With 73 games remaining, winning two-out-of-three (no easy thing by the way) will add another 48 wins to their total. That means they will finish the season with 93 wins. And I think that means they probably miss the playoffs.

Two out of three ain’t bad, but the Red Sox will still need a run to get to October. And not to suck all the positivity out of this weekend’s series, beating the Rays really isn’t as impressive as it was in recent years. As a team, they are hitting .231, so don’t start planning the parade just yet. The White Sox, Rangers, Yankees and Detroit are on the schedule for July. If they take two out of three in those series, I’m a believer.

For now, I’m rooting…but still not believing.