Special Coded Message to the New York Yankees.

These games against the Yankees really do take years off my life. Well, that and my love of the demon alcohol.

Last night, after Commander Kickass — now officially downgraded to That Guy Who Tries to Squeegee Your Windows at a Red Light — coughed up 5 runs in the top of the first, I figured I’d get to focus even more of my energies on destroying my liver. But then the Sox fought back, getting five of their own in the bottom of the inning. And even answered back after the Yanks answered back with another in the second.

In other words, it was officially a slugfest by 7:42pm. But even that ended quickly. Beckett, fresh off his Dice-K homage, got right through the third, fourth and fifth, giving up no runs and even mixing a few Ks in there. Kuroda did the same, keeping our bats in check until we snagged a lead in the bottom of the fifth, only to see it washed away by a bad Padilla outing in the seventh. By the time Teixeira was giving his post-game gloat, I was already hungover.

It was a night of clawbacks that could have seen us move 6.5 games behind the Yanks. But now we’re 8.5 back, just one game over .500, and two games with New York this afternoon. A sweep gains us some ground. A double loss puts us back in last place.

The 2012 Comeback Special gotta begin somewhere. Might as well be today.