Yes, we are.

You. Your mother. Your boss. The girl at the pizza shop you keep scamming on who won’t give you the time of day, partly because she’s busy but mostly because of that grease-stained “Fonzie” T-shirt you insist on wearing.

Everyone’s Pedro. At least until the next unknown player helps us whip the Yankees.

The second game of yesterday’s doubleheader could have been a train wreck. A shit show of the highest order that threatened to drop us below .500 yet again and 9.5 games behind the Yankees. But Pedro C walked right out of central casting and tore things up good.

Four hits and four critical RBIs later, a new cult hero was born, while Nick Punto quietly updated his LinkedIn page.

At a time when we’re clawing desperately for anything to make us feel good about the Red Sox’ prospects for 2012, Ciriaco and fellow unknown Mauro Gomez, who had three hits of his own in the nightcap, helped secure a game we absolutely, positively had to win. Now, with the five-game skid ended, we can look toward possibly earning a split with New York, provided Jonny Lestah can strap on the big pants.

But we’ll worry about tonight’s game tonight. For now, let’s just give Sunday morning thanks to a couple fill-ins who turned in what may well be the most important games of their respective careers.