The man’s a menace!

Look, although I sill refuse to give up on the “2012 World Champions” dream, my two feet are planted firmly in reality (albeit a reality in which I share a modestly appointed one-bedroom flat with Amalie Benjamin and Heidi Watney). It’s likely that the Bobby V Experiment will be over in a few months, the Red Sox could possibly end up in the cellar when 2012’s dust clears and even thinking that we’re gonna get anything substantial out of Carl Crawford this season is probably crazy talk.

But for right now, for this afternoon, can we please just snag the series against the Rays? They irritate me so and I just want to see our second-to-last visit to the Trop for this year end with Beckett’s cleat having to be surgically removed from the entire Rays line-up. I know that’s not scientifically possible. But I’m a dreamer.

It’s Beckett vs. Shields in the battle of the questionable facial hair. And I like our questionable facial hair’s chances. Make your decision for Christ, people, and join us at 1:40pm.