I wish I could say someone hacked my WordPress account and posted those positive words the other day. But it was me, suckered back into believing in the dream because of one magical home run. Then a day later Beckett gives us the all big f%&k you and today, on what should be a great day at Fenway celebrating Jason Varitek, they fill the place with suck.

They won’t get me again. Unless they trade Beckett and try to restore some semblance of a desire to win, I’m out. If you see me trying to claw my way back on the bandwagon with this team, step on my fingers and send me packing. How can they lose on a day dedicated to the guy who punched A-Rod in the face and by doing so, laid the foundation for their first World Series in 86 years? Nope, I’m out. As I said before, I will root and cheer my ass off, but I won’t be fooled again (thanks Who) into believing in this team.