Josh Beckett was good, just not good enough. After a visit to the mound in the seventh by Bobby Valentine (which I doubt included a recommendation from Bobby V to throw a wild pitch), Beckett did indeed throw a wild pitch allowing the go-ahead run to score. The final result was a 5-3 loss, another series loss, and back under .500 once again.

Part of the NESN broadcast included a trip through the visitor’s clubhouse. Oddly, there seemed to be no bottle openers mounted to the wall? Pictured about is exactly that, right between the lockers of Lackey and the ex-Commander. If you’re wondering about the writing on it, it says “First Class White Trash” followed by “Casey Donahew.” If you’re not familiar with their work, here’s a sample:

I guess dynamite fishing was a big mistake
‘Cause my john boat’s docked at the bottom of the lake
I got weekend stays and 6 months community service
And there’s a pitbull chained to every tree
With a cardboard sign that says, pups are free
We got pink flamingos and blow up plastic pools
We like spotlight huntin’ and natural light
And the cops get called here every night
And theres a 12 gauge smokin’ from a woman who can take a punch

I gotta get this trailer rolling down hill
’cause I’m sick of sittin’ here still
The good times and the bad have left me broke
Grandma, she smoked all my swag
Dale Earnhardt 3 under a rebel flag
This trailer park is going straight to hell
But I’m still first class white trash if ya cant tell

My little sister’s getting married today
And my dad’s still in jail, so I’ll give her away
I’m gonna get hammered drunk
And light some shit on fire

A real tear-jerker. All that’s missing is the part where he impregnates his cousin and it’s a wrap. Another weird observation: was there an unusual number of guys in the stands in Texas wearing less-than-masculine tank-tops? Yes, my mind wanders. No loss for the Sox tomorrow, it’s an off-day. Stock up on Natty Light and Tums and then tape up the windows, next stop: the Bronx (minus A-Rod due to a broken hand).