Well, I wonder if Youk is smiling now. Valentine has finally seen the light that is Will Middlebrooks and decided to “ride the hot hand.”

 “He doesn’t necessarily totally agree with it and doesn’t wake up in the morning and hope that’s the case, but I think the professional person that Kevin is, he understands it,” Valentine said. “Yes. I think he’s fine.” 

I doubt that he’s fine, I see the conversation going something like this:

Valentine: So Kevin, quite a game for Will last night.

Youkilis: If you’re here to tell me you’re sitting me down, think again old man. If I hear the word “bench” in the same sentence as my name, you’ll be sporting a fancy new scrotum bow tie.

Valentine: ::laughs nervously:: No, nothing like that. I was just thinking you might want a little…rest…or something?

Youkilis: And I was just thinking you might want a kidney removed by way of your wrinkly old ass?

Valentine: Well, now, let’s be professional…

Youkilis: You want professional? I’ll get a “professional” doctor to take both kidneys and you’ll wake up in a bathtub full of ice. You think that’s just some urban legend? Ha.

Valentine: Do you need any decks or fences built? We can make this work…

Youkilis: Now you’re talking. You work on the “riding the hot hand” speech and I’ll make a list of construction projects needed at Casa Youk. And you get to keep your vital organs. For now.

Valentine: Deal.

Sox and Braves tonight barring hailstorms or locusts. Let’s make it six straight.