While I applaud Red’s optimism, unfortunately I don’t share it. I think us Red Sox fans are staring straight into the barrel of a long, disappointing summer. Whether it’s injuries, Valentine, or just bad chemistry, the 2012 Red Sox seem destined for mediocrity.

Last season was rough, a bad start followed by a summer full of awesome, then September. But at least we had those amazing months of June, July and August. This season…I think the highlight reels are going to include a lot of playful banter between Remy and DO. And a lot of Jenny Dell.

Sure, we’ll watch all the games, we’ll cheer our asses off, we’ll get sucked back in when they win a few games in a row. But in the end, I really think this team is going to win less than 90 games and miss out on the post-season. And that will suck for the fans. A team with this payroll has no excuses. Man, I’m getting pissed thinking about how bad they are playing. It’s hard to like these guys. Other than Pedroia, it’s hard to find someone that looks like they give a shit.

I hope I’m dead wrong and this team rips off 16 out of the next 20 and I have to beg for forgiveness. But I don’t see it coming, do you?