A rare photo of Salty and Ortiz from their minor league days.

Can you see the tide turning, people? The Sox bottom out to last place, rumors surface of a tumultuous clubhouse, Carl Yastrzemski and Bernie Carbo show up on C-Span to explain how anyone caught eating chicken in their clubhouse would have been beaten with reeds.

But then… the Sox come to life. Defending their clubhouse. Joining hands and singing “Kumbaya” for the media. Tweeting about how after the game, they’re heading out to make pumpkin pies for the homeless.

Alright, so maybe it didn’t go down quite like that. But tonight we did get home runs from Assaultalamacchia, The Large Father and Cody Ross. Buchholz snagged his fourth straight W. And the Sox moved above .500 once again.

Is it the start of something big? I thought that once before and I was wrong. But with Ellsbury closer to returning and Crawford providing at the very least some intrigue when he suits up again, I’m starting to think that July and August might not be such a downer. You might want to get those Red Sox tickets while you can.