"I am Punts. Destroyer of worlds."

When exactly did Bobby V go from Shemp to Gandalf? Because these days it seems every move he makes, every chess piece he shifts to fill an empty space, comes up aces.

Case in point: Yesterday morning, I dipped my balls in a cup of hot tea at the thought of Nick Punto subbing for the injured Pedroia (hey, it was the weekend). But a few hours later, after Punts went 3-for-4 and a triple shy of the cycle, I was on eBay buying up every last one of his rookie cards. It’s also gotta make the guy feel good that the Red Sox’ official website refers to his display of power as “rare.”

Also on the list of Things Too Strange To Be True is that Felix Doubront is now our best and most reliable pitcher, at 6-2 with a 3.75 ERA and 66 Ks.

I honestly have no bloody idea what’s going on. But the Sox are just 2 games out of first place and playing some pretty good ball without Ellsbury, Pedroia or Crawford. Not to mention the fact that our closer has yet to play a single game.

An oversupply of talent? I’ll take it. Just like I’ll gladly take another win today behind Bard. I hope Punto has a few more extra-base hits in his bat. We’ll need ’em this afternoon.