What Nipsey said.

Man, if you were living on the periphery of this 2012 Red Sox team, not sure whether to keep dipping your toes or just hurl your lard ass in, tonight’s game should have been the convincer. Watching the young’uns take over in the eighth inning and basically carve that win out of thin air was a thing of beauty.

First Salty nails a double, then Middlebrooks goes yard to tie things up at 5. Then Kalish gets a single and on a Mike Aviles ground out hauls his ass all the way to third, setting things up for Nava to drive him in with a blistering shot up the middle.

Yes, it was against the hapless Marlins (or the Merkins, as I like to call them). But it was a gutsy, fist-pumping kind of win. The kind that gives you confidence in the young talent and gets you thinking that things could actually be clicking right now. Hell, that was our fifth straight win, and seventh of our last eight, pushing us three games over .500. And I’m starting to get the feeling we won’t be dipping back down there again.

Bottom line, it was a fun game to watch. And the Sox are becoming a fun team to follow. And, honestly, in the wake of this afternoon’s Ortiz hoopla, I’m glad the team gave us something else to talk about.

We got the Braves and Blue jays coming in next. I’ve got a seat on the Sox Train with your name on it, baby.