Happy first day of summer! Why isn’t there an expression for summer like there is for March? It will be smoking hot at Fenway, hopefully prompting the smoking hot Jenny Dell to do all her sideline work in a string bikini. Aside from being the first day of summer, if I’m not mistaken this is the first time we’ve featured Jennifer Lopez on the blog. I have no idea what movie that pic is from, but it’s quite a profile isn’t it?

Tonight we get the 7-3 Felix Doubront, a man whose name I think I spell differently every time I type it. Last week, Doubront flirted with a no-hitter against these same Marlins. I will expect nothing less tonight. They should start every game down 5-0 just for wearing those heinous eyesores of uniforms. They remind me of the old Astros unis…and there’s a reason those are now “vintage.”

All the buzz is around Dustin Pedroia’s thumb. Personally, I have no worries. If it gets worse, Pedie will perform surgery on himself, becoming the first baseball player in the majors to play with a transplanted gorilla thumb. This does not include Carlos Quintana as nobody is really sure what doctors did to his left thumb following his shootout/car accident in Venezuela.

Now let’s get out there and take one step closer to third place!