When she smiles like that... she's thinking of me.

Ever since this Red Sox season began, I’ve felt a certain emptiness. Or perhaps a “void” is a better way to describe it. Something’s missing, something that’s making things not quite right.

It’s not Wakefield, God love him. Nor is it Tek. Even though these folks have moved on, it’s not bothering me quite as much as I thought it might.

No, what’s got me down is the lack o’ Heidi.

Not to take anything away from Jenny Dell. But, man, Heidi could make even the most turgid, hot-coals-on-your-balls games a little more bearable. It didn’t matter to me that the Sox were down sixteen runs in the fourth. I had to stick around for those fleeting glimpses of blonde hair and white teeth and 100% American-made awesome from her perch on the third base line.

When she left Boston, I was crushed (although somewhat relieved that I could finally get that cursed GPS monitor off my ankle). At least, I figured, she’d be just a few flips of the dial away, someone I could still check in on from time to time, like Hazel Mae on MLB TV or Cesar Crespo at the local 7-11. Rumor had it she’d be covering the Lakers. During her guest spot on our SG podcast, Heidi herself said that while she couldn’t confirm the Lakers gig, something was in the works.

Turns out, she landed as sideline reporter for the LA Galaxy, which plays that game where guys kick the ball around (always forget what it’s called). That’s also the team that David Beckham plays for, meaning there are actually moments in which Heidi Watney and Victoria Beckham are very likely in the same building. This, for me, is proof that God loves us. And just another reason they will never, ever let me off a plane at LAX.

Anyway, for those who have been jonesing for Heidi, here’s a recent piece she filmed for the Galaxy’s uniform design contest. I think that’s what it’s about, anyway. I have yet to watch it with the sound up.

Oh, Heidi. Je t’aime.