The last time the Orioles came to Fenway, they took three straight from us, conjuring every dirty memory of the final game of the 2011 season. But I am more than willing to drop that time-honored cliche and insist that we are a much different team today than we were in early May. And God knows the Os are, too, coming back to Earth to the tune of losing 11 of their last 14.

Still, there’s plenty o’ drama waiting at first pitch. For one thing, Jon Lester is looking to go 15-0 against the birds. Also, Dustin “Who the F%^k Listens to Their Thumb Anyway?” Pedroia is back in the line-up tonight, batting second and no doubt ready to deliver a “Tender Cleveland” to anyone who gets in his way.

Oh, and Daniel Bard, who probably should have been asked to walk back to Boston from Canada after his showing last Sunday, has been sent to Pawtucket. From there, he will likely be drugged, blindfolded, sent to Chile, and spoken of only in hushed tones.

Good chance for our boys to make the East even more interesting over the next couple days. As a wise man once said: “Engage.”