This weekend, the two teams at the bottom of the AL East are squaring off, while the two teams at the top of the heap do the same. This means carnage, people. It also means that the Sox, by kicking the stuffing out of the Jays, may not only rise from the basement, they could also find themselves in a tie for first place.

It’s not gonna be easy. Nothing ever is. But if Buchholz can hold it together and–

Alright, I’ll stop myself right there. This pitching staff has been such a wild card thus far, I can’t call this one. Let’s just say I hope the bats that scored 23 runs over the past 4 games can keep things rolling. We’re facing a guy whose first name is “Henderson” for chrissakes.

Oh, I also hope that Kevin “Trade Bait” Youkbacca hits 47 home runs. Might be tough for one game. But I’ve got a good feeling tonight.