There's a "sit on it" joke here somewhere.

When the Orioles stopped by our place earlier this month, they treated us to a little something Buck Showalter would likely call a full “tits pounding,” out-scoring us 23-12 and sweeping the three-game series. It was a humbling experience, especially since the last time we’d faced Baltimore, they were high-fiving and grab-assing at our expense on the last day of the 2011 regular season.

I was hoping for a bit of revenge, but instead we took it in the shorts.

Which brings us to tonight’s game. We’re a different team now, somewhat, having gone 8-5 and showed some signs of being an actual major league team since our last encounter with the Os. Do we have what it takes to deliver a little payback and maybe take a full three in their house?

All I know is I’ve got a bottle of Jameson in front of me, and will be taking two shots every time the Os plate a run against us.

My hope is that I don’t wake up hungover tomorrow. See to that, Clay.