Any concerns we had about Jon Lester have been temporary shelved after last night’s complete game, 8K, 6-hit win. Yes, it was against the Seattle Mariners, a team that could be replaced with plaster mannequins and maintain its current level of play. But we’ll take it.

My only hope is that after the game, Lester stormed into the clubhouse, tore the cap off a bottle of Bud with his teeth, and told Josh Beckett, “That’s how you pitch a motherf$%king ballgame.” If he did, and if Josh was paying attention, perhaps we’ll see some flashes of 2007 Beckett this afternoon. That said, if the guy can just manage to keep his pants on for six innings, he’ll have somehow improved upon the abomination that was his last outing.

It’s a four o’clock start against one of the few teams with a worse record than ours. Is it too much to ask for a little more magic, and our fifth win in a row?

We’re in last place, people. And just like at last call, I don’t need it to be pretty. I just need it to be a win.