Looks like Cap watched last night's game, too.

I had three entertainment options presented to me last night: I could stay home surrounded by my good friends Bud Light and Heineken and watch the Sox and Os, I could fight the crowds to see The Avengers, or I could head out to the garage, crank up the Guns n’ Roses, and punch myself repeatedly in the face.

Needless to say, I chose option one. After all, there was an element of avenging involved, since the Sox definitely owed the Os a good whupping after the final game of the 2011 season. I thought this might make an ideal moment for the Big Statement of 2012, and a chance to maybe incite a win streak

But when it became apparent that the Sox just weren’t going to be able to pull away, and that the Os seemed to have an answer for every go-ahead run we plated, I started cueing up the “Appetite for Destruction.” And in the bottom of the eighth, when Ortiz got doubled off first after JJ Hardy snared a wicked Cody Ross drive, I had some idea of how this was going to end. And it wasn’t pretty.

Fenway used to be our Fortress of Solitude. The place we went to flex our muscles and vanquish all would-be intruders. Now it seems like some shady motel we hide in, eyes peering nervously through the blinds, wary of all who approach. We’ve lost eight of our last games at home and somehow, that just makes no sense to me.

Aaron Cook gets his first start for the Sox today. At this point, we’ll take anything new to reverse our fortunes.