I thought this would be the last thing Matt Moore ever saw.

Thank God the Sox and Rays have calmer heads than me. Because I can point to at least four occasions during last night’s game in which I assumed that fists would start flying and shit would get, as they say in the urban action movies, “real.”

None was bigger than Adrian Gonzalez getting plunked by Rays starter Matt Moore. After Gonzo called a Thursday home run on Wednesday, Rays fans (all 16 of them) started circling the wagons, insisting Rays pitching take A-Gon down a notch. When Gonzo actually got hit after stepping to the plate with two men on in the first, I thought it was goin’ down. I figured this was where Gonzo would get his Clubber Lang on, using his fists to channel every ounce of frustration caused by his current home run drought into Moore’s skull.

Yet, cooler heads prevailed. And they prevailed again later on, when Felix Doubront fired one into Luke Scott. But let’s face it, if you choose to wear that ridiculous “chin-strap anti-beard” thing that Scott’s got going on, then people are going to throw things at you: baseballs, beer cans, bowling pins, etc. It’s just a tragic mistake and should be shaved off immediately.

So now we’ve won 6 or our last 7 and are heading into the City of Brotherly Subs for a battle for semi-respectability against the equally flailing Phillies. I smell .500 this weekend. How ’bout you?