Remember “back in the day” before we had two World Series championships under our belts? There was a lot of hostility in these parts. The anguish of hard-luck losses and oh-so-close calls became too much and Red Sox Nation was angry. Then we were spoiled by the magic of 2004 and the return to glory in 2007. Suddenly everything was nice, fans were happy, Sweet Caroline played win or lose and the crowd sang along no matter what. It seems those days are gone. The anger is back.

Turn on either of the sports radio stations and you’ll hear the venom. Ownership sucks, the 100th anniversary is a scam, Valentine is a puppet, the players don’t care. And I say, “welcome back!” Red Sox fans are far more entertaining when there is an edge about them, and as a blogger, it makes for easy writing.

I expect this will all come to a head tomorrow when Terry Francona is introduced to a standing ovation and Valentine and the owners are all booed heartily. Let the rage show, people, let it show.