Not much I can say other than we’re dead-ass last in the East, sporting the second worst record in the American League, in danger of losing our fifth straight game today and I’m just tired of it. I don’t need to see a ten game win streak or a 27-0 pasting of the Yanks today (although that wouldn’t suck.) I just want to see a spark of something–anything–that can get me remotely excited about this team.

If I had to point to anything that seems promising, I guess it would be that Ortiz is looking mighty like the guy who carried us to the Promised Land on his wide-ass shoulders back in 2004. Oh, and that nobody’s been shot in the clubhouse. That has to count for something.

Let’s just get it together and start turning things around today, lads. And if you need billboard material, you can find it on today’s New York Post: