Does he know something we don't?

The news that Josh Beckett has a thumb injury, coming one day after news that Andrew Bailey has a thumb injury, is not the kind of thing to send me into a tailspin of panic or predictions of a dismal April.

On the contrary, it’s got me wondering how the next story or injury rumor to slip out of the clubhouse is going to top this. I mean, could we possibly have another thumb injury before Thursday? Or is there something even weirder in store, like Youkilis injured while messing with a home-made jetpack? Pedroia hobbled in ill-advised attempt to recreate Fonzie’s motorcycle jump over a shitload of barrels? Aceves hurts wrist after punching a butcher in the face for cracking wise over his taste in deli meats? Don’t these guys have home exercise programs they should be following, anyway? Programs that start with how not to f$%k up your moneymaker three days before the season starts?

The sky’s the limit as the clock ticks closer to Opening Day 2012. If we’re gonna lose a player for a few weeks to injury, let’s at least make it a non-career threatening, entertaining injury.