If you didn’t know there was a difference in character between Josh Beckett and Jon Lester, just look at the first two games of the season and you’ll figure it out. Lester clearly showed remorse after last September’s embarrassing finish. He put his head down, went back to work, and came back ready to compete in 2012. Beckett is another story. He blamed the media for blowing the story out of proportion and refused to take any accountability for his poor decisions and the impact on his team. So he came back in 2012 with the same shitty attitude and apparently not prepared to pitch against starting hitters.

This was a shitshow right out of the gate. Beckett gave up a two-run shot to Cabrera in the first and it would only be a preview of things to come. By the time Beckett’s day was done, the Sox were down 7-0 and five balls had left the yard courtesy of Detroit bats. Beckett handed the ball over to Valentine (who must have been filming another Jordan’s Furniture ad to leave Beckett in so long) without expression and went to prepare for whatever it is he does after games.

The offense was nonexistent against Fister (Fister? I hardly know her!) and the Detroit bullpen. And that doesn’y really bother me. The bats will be fine, they will come around. Having a number two starter that puts himself and his badass persona above the team…that’s a problem.