The phrase that pays.

For all of yesterday’s Opening Day pomp and circumstance, my greatest concern was the thought of Beckett unraveling again, leaving us with yet another question mark as we march further into the 2012 season.

But that guy who took it in the shorts in Detroit last weekend was nowhere to be found. Instead, we had Commander Kick Ass of the F$%k Yeah Brigade back in action, and while he only logged one K, he went eight strong to help seal the win.

The other story was the offense–everyone by Cody Ross had at least one hit, while Gonzo and Kelly “Can’t Stoppach” had three apiece. So, the winning formula, as we discovered, is good pitching plus a shit-ton of hits. If we can replicate this formula for the next 150 odd games, we will be in the proverbial “catbird seat.” And don’t let the fact that I have no idea what that means stop you from getting excited about it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a 2012 Sox story without some injury of note. And this was a bad one, with Jacoby Ellsbury knocked out with a shoulder injury that could take, depending on which stories you read, anywhere from 6 weeks or 15 years to recover from (I should point out that the “15 weeks” prognosis comes from my buddy Len, who knows absolutely nothing about health or sports medicine but runs his own Batman website.)

This means that we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of the only guy who didn’t have a hit in yesterday’s game. And/or D-Mac. Or Che-Hsuan Lin, who has been activated and could very well spark Boston’s version of Lin-sanity.

Meanwhile, we just take it one beer at a time.