Carl Yastrzemski has a posse.

A pitcher can only pull so many rabbits out of a hat. So with the Sox facing a pitcher who’s last outing was a perfect game, I felt pretty confident. Here’s a guy who already beat the house, I figured, finishing off my 15th Bud Light of the afternoon, so we’ll get him as he plunges back to reality.

And I was right. All in all, the Sox tagged Humber for 8 hits and 9 earned runs, and went all bat-shit crazy on just about everything pitched their way. Twelve hits in all for us and some great work from both Doubront (5 hots, 3 runs through 6) and Tazawa (3 scoreless relief innings).

That’s good for four in a row and a perfect road trip so far. And I am quite content to keep crushing the semi-good to mediocre teams on a nightly basis if it means fattening our win column. Bard vs. Danks tonight in the battle of the guys with one-syllable last names. Do we dare think five?