Once again we say goodbye to the strange mistress that is Spring Training. We pine for her all winter, then she arrives and we can’t wait for her to be gone. Like so many dates I’ve been on. Where, other than in Red Sox Nation, could spring bring such drama as ThumbGate, former pitchers who won’t shut up, or the Alfredo Aceves injury updates?

Just one more day and we usher in The Bobby Valentine Era. There is a lot of uncertainty hovering over the Red Sox: who is the closer, who is the 5th starter, who will lead off? But one thing is etched in our minds…Bobby Valentine is here. For how long remains to be seen, but he is here.

RemDawg and DO are already in mid-season form, hopefully the team will start the season with a little more intensity than they did in 2011. Game one, Thursday afternoon from Detroit. Cue up the sick-calls and fictitious relatives that passed on suddenly, it’s time to play ball.