Among the many reasons I love baseball is that fact that I clearly know nothing about football. Everything I thought was going to happen in the game…well, the opposite happened. Every single wager I place, I lost. Worse than all of that, my team lost.

Unlike my passion for the Red Sox, I’m pretty much over the Patriots losing. They just didn’t make the one play they needed to. There are a lot of them that could have changed the end result.

Maybe it was Brady’s brain fart in throwing the first pass fifty yards instead of throwing it at a receivers feet. That led to a safety, and those two points enabled the Giants to play for a field goal instead of a touchdown. On the reverse, even if the Giants did score the touchdown, the Patriots would only have needed a field goal to tie. Two very big points as it turns out.

Maybe it was Brady’s inexcusable interception, or his general skittishness in the pocket.

Maybe it was the defense’s inability to make a tackle, or as expected. the secondary being unable to cover the New York receivers.

Maybe it was Wes Welker dropping a catch that he makes every single time. Certainly that will be the one remembered most because if he makes it, it’s game over.

Maybe it was Belichick’s refusal to stick with the run. A couple of incomplete passes late sure helped the NYG’s clock management at the end of the game after they burned two second-half time-outs in the third quarter.

Pick your poison. I think Brady played terrible despite his 16 completions in a row, and I think Welker should have made that catch. The game was an exercise in self-torture. Even the commercials sucked last night.

But as Red mentioned, it’s time to think baseball. Spring Training is just weeks away and winter is already losing the thin grip it had on New England this year. There will be much rejoicing…just not today.