Always willing to entertain even the most outrageous co-host requests

The great Tom Caron — that’s TC to you, punk — from NESN joins us for the latest SG Red Sox podcast. Among the subjects covered in this blockbuster episode:

Who we’ll miss more: JD Drew or Heidi Watney.

TC’s ingenious plan for how the Red Sox players can finally put 2011 past them (spoiler: it involves hot coals).

TC’s non-existent wild side.

Shaughnessy writing about “groins.”

How Jim Rice gave TC the ultimate compliment.

Jenny Dell.

Scary-ass beards.

How TC & his NESN cohorts filled up 28 hours of rain delays in 2011.

Jenny Dell.

Ned Martin, shirtless, by a pool.

Dark horse candidates for Red Sox Player of the year.

What Major League Baseball learned from the last day of the 2011 season (and how they’ll try to cash in).

Also, Jenny Dell.

This episode clocks in at close to 35 minutes, but it’s all thriller, no filler. And thanks to TC for taking time from his NESN Spring Training duties to chat with us.

You can listen to the podcast using the audio player above, or download the mp3 file at Pod-O-Matic or iTunes.