"Where the f%^k is your shirt, Julian?"

I think it was roughly 15.3 seconds after Bobby Valentine was named Red Sox skipper when folks started chatterin’, “Hey, remember that stuff Bobby said about Beckett and how much time he takes between pitches and how slow he is and how many Charley Pride CDs he has in his collection, etc etc etc?” From that moment on, I’d imagined what the first Beckett-Bobby Summit would look like, and how much hospice time Bobby would need to recover.

Turns out, the two met, and all went swimmingly. In his last post, Denton pointed out Beckett’s appearance on Kevin Millar’s Intentional Talk, in which he discussed meeting with Valentine. And while all of that was good and informative, I was more taken with a bit in which Millar asks Beckett who his worst-dressed teammate was. Beckett insists it was Julian Tavarez, who, in addition to quality footwear, apparently enjoyed sporting a jacket and vest with no shirt. Sounds about right to me.

In case you missed it, here’s some video. Tavarez comments toward the end.