Does anybody else get the feeling that maybe, just maybe, things aren’t going to be all rainbows and flowers in 2012? Look, I didn’t expect a teary-eyed Josh Beckett to get in front of the cameras and beg for mercy and forgiveness. But I did think he would show up to camp in shape and at least slightly remorseful. Instead, Beckett rolled in to camp sporting what looks like a healthy beer gut, and claiming “lapses of judgement” to blame for last September. Steve Buckley reports in the Herald:

In case you’re wondering, the Josh Beckett of spring training 2012 looks pretty much like the version who “couldn’t execute his pitches” in those last two starts against the Orioles. And here’s why: “We did pretty much the same exact thing we do every year, maybe mix in a couple of extra exercises that the trainers and training staff have learned are more beneficial for my body type,” he said, explaining his offseason workout regimen.

About that weight gain: Is it possible that a decrease in physical activity and an increase in caloric intake played a role?

Seeing how he looks completely prepared to start today…in a beer-league softball game, I’d say he should probably switch things up. But it gets a little uglier:

“I’m upset for myself with the lapses in judgment,” he said. “But there’s also some ill feelings toward some people.”


“There’s people,” he said.

Well this sounds like a guy ready to move forward, doesn’t it? And just who are these mystery people Josh is holding a grudge against? Yeah, this could get interesting.