With Manny Ramirez returning to active duty in the MLB, an old quote from Teets has been making the rounds. Apparently, back in 2008, in the heat of the whole Manny Meltdown, Teets told The Gammons that Manny was “the worst human being [he’s] ever met.”

Sounds harsh today, but it all makes sense when taken in the context of other “off the record” stuff that Tito’s said over the course of his career in Boston, some of which we happened to dig up with the help of our intrepid research team:

“Youkilis? Take a shower? Not as long as I’ve known him.”

“I swear to Christ if I see Julian Tavarez’s junk one more time, I’m quitting. I’m f#$king done with this team.”

“Beer in the clubhouse? So long as there’s still room for the prostitutes, I say let it roll.”

“Before you dig in to the postgame spread, fellas, I just want to advise you that I saw Curt Leskanic in here, pantsless and giggling, right after the food was brought in.”

“Let’s get one thing straight here: You’re a clubhouse attendant, and I’m the f#$king manager of the Boston Red Sox. One word from me and you’re waking up in a piece of ‘mishandled’ luggage in a warehouse outside of Logan. Capisce?”

“Hazel, think you can help me get my sofa into the back of this van?”

“Your paycheck’s over there, DeMarlo. And I already took the liberty of extracting my cut.”

“I don’t think you’re understanding me, Clay. I said I really, really like your wife. You catch me?”

“For what it’s worth, I once made a sweater out of waffles.”

“As a matter of fact, that is my f$%king Echo and the Bunnymen CD.”