Tonight, Theo Epstein’s back in town to host his annual Hot Stove Cool Music benefit concert at the Paradise, rolling out such usual suspects as Kay Hanley, Bill Janovitz and The Gammons. I won’t be able to make the show, unfortunately (thanks to a prior commitment to co-sign an auto loan for Julian Tavarez), but to mark the occasion, I figgered I’d re-visit some of the clips I shot at the 2010 HSCM concert at the House of Blues. Please pardon my shitty camera and even shittier camera work (you have to understand, beer was involved). And enjoy.

Here’s the show kick-off, featuring Gammo, Theo and MC Mike O’Malley. Note Theo’s impression of The A-Rod ballslap. Good times.

Here’s Youk overseeing a live auction. May be a few cups deep at this point.

Here’s Bill Janovitz, Theo and Lenny DiNardo working Buffalo Tom’s classic “Taillights Fade.”

Lastly, here’s Kay Hanley, AKA the reason God invented eyes:

If you don’t have tickets for tonight’s show, the Foundation to be Named Later website says there’s a few more to be had, starting at noon, from the Paradise box office. For availability call (617) 562-8801.